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11 March 2011

Solar Decking Lights, A Sophisticated Look.

If you are looking to enhance the look and general appearance of your outdoor decking area. The addition of Solar Outdoor Decking Lights can bring your drab, winter worn deck back to life. If you are looking for a sophisticated and professional look then solar decking lights would be a simple way to lighten up your deck or patio area at night.

Our most popular set of decking is the round solar stainless steel deck lights. With various shapes and colours available there really are options everyone.

The benefits of installing deck lights is that they are solar, meaning that no wiring is needed! Through the day, your solar deck lights are charged by direct day light once the sun goes down the lights will then use the generated solar power to illuminate your pathway, patio or decking area. Not only are solar lights GREEN, they will also help reduce your electrical expenses as they require no electricity, amazing.

A small amount of planning needs to be put in place prior to installing the deck lights. It is a good idea to place the lights in an area where you know you get a good amount of day light. For them to charge, they need light so it would not be recommended to place them in a known dark area throughout the day. Even though the lights will charge in a partially shaded area, they will shine brighter at night if they have received good contact with direct daylight throughout the day. Installation and maintenance efforts will also be significantly reduced as they require no wiring.

The addition of solar deck lights can really bring your garden to life, get creative and imaginative, highlight special areas of your garden, water features, pathways, driveways or just general illumination of your decking and patio areas.


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