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6 April 2011

Sensory Gardens, providing an experience for everyone.

What is a water feature?
Well according to the World Wide Web a water feature is in landscaping, architecture and garden design terms, is one or more items from a range of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams. However in more simple terms a water feature is a decorative element using flowing water such as fountain or waterfall. However, to us a water feature is or should be the centre piece of your garden.

Water features can be a visual beauty and provide a calm, peaceful and relaxing ambiance from the slow flow of the water. Many of us enjoy sitting in our gardens on a warm spring afternoon relaxing to the peaceful sound of nature and the slow trickling water.  Our senses are trained to acknowledge these sounds and trigger an emotion. For example, when we hear flowing water we can associate that with a relaxing atmosphere and memory.

Recently there has been a notable  increase in the development of ‘Sensory Gardens’. ‘Sensory Gardens’ are designed to provide both disabled and non-disabled individuals with an opportunity to  experience an up close and personal sensory experience

Sensory Gardens across the UK to help provide both disabled and non-disabled individuals with an opportunity to  experience up close and personal  a sensory opportunity that they may not normally experience.

Sensory gardens are becoming more and more popular amongst the population. The gardens may contain various features that are accessible to all individuals such as: scented and edible plants, sculptures and sculpted handrails, water features designed to make sound and play over the hands, textured touch-pads, magnifying-glass screens, braille and audio induction loop descriptions. Depending on the user group, other provisions may integrate sound and music more centrally to combine the play needs of younger users with their sensory needs.

Many sensory gardens pride themselves to providing a unique experience for multiple senses. For example, those specialising in scent are sometimes called scented gardens. Those specialising in sound are called sound gardens where the equipment doubles up to provide an enhanced opportunity for strategic developmental, learning and educational outcomes.

Sensory Gardens usually have an enhanced infrastructure to allow easy wheelchair access as well as meeting all other accessibility concerns; the design and layout provides a stimulating journey through the senses, heightening awareness, and bringing positive learning experiences for everyone.

It has to be said that is really is nice to see the increase in development of sensory gardens throughout the UK and believe that it is of great importance that we take the time to say thank you to those individuals who take the time and the effort to make this happen for all those individuals who can now experience a unique encounter with something that we may take for granted.

If you are looking at adding a sensory garden or are adding to one, then some recommended features to provide a great experience that will tie into all senses are the 50cm stainless sphere, tapered column and sphere, 100cm stainless steel sphere and the large tubes water features all provide great reflections through the flowing water. All these features are touchable allowing you to feel the water flowing through your fingers to provide the perfect and safe experience for everyone.

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