Terracotta Pot Winter Care & Maintenance

Terracotta Pot Winter Care & Maintenance



Electric Pump Maintenance.

All fountain pumps are specially rated for the water feature you have chosen. All electric pumps are supplied with 10m of power cable, which conforms to all international standards for outdoor use.

The pump should be checked periodically for blockages in and around the intake. Every 2-3 months the pump should be switched off and the impeller/rotor removed and checked for debris and lime scale. The pump can be washed in warm water.

Winter Care.

Freezing conditions can cause serious damage to your water feature, in particular the electric pump. For this reason it is important that the water features are properly prepared for the onset of severe winter weather.

Although all external water features are frost resistant, they still require protection from freezing water. The best way to do this is to cover the fountain with an insulated, waterproof sheet – BBQ covers are often suitable.

If severe freezing conditions are anticipated we recommend draining all water and wrapping in several layers of bubble wrap. This is particularly important for Wall Bowl Fountains.

The winter is also the ideal time to dismantle the pump for a thorough clean. Any lime scale should be scrubbed off using a mild detergent. Pay particular attention to the impeller/rotor.

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