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Here at UK Water Features we specialise in high quality, durable water features. We have over 1,500 beautiful water features now online ranging from £6.95 to £14,000. Now there are times where we simply can not afford to be spending hundreds of pounds on our gardens to make it look great. This is why we have got together and hand picked a range of cheap water features that are sure to make an impact on your garden design. Now although we call them "cheap water features" this does not mean that they are lacking quality. They are simply water features that are currently priced exceptionally well.  


Dog At Fountain Water Feature

20cm Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature

Kyoto Pouring Bowls Water Feature


Aphrodite Solar Ceramic Cascade

LED Crystal Ball Water Feature

Mini Orb Indoor Water Feature


Lily Indoor Water Feature

Slate Tiered Solar Fountain Water Feature

Rippling Ridges Water Feature

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