Gardman Owl Water Feature Set Up

Our Metal Owl Water Feature is a great choice if you’re looking for a hassle free way to add a quality decoration to your garden. It is a wonderful little feature that is completely self-contained and totally weatherproof, so is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is very easy to install, it takes only minutes! So you can be away enjoying your functioning water feature in no time at all!

We set up an Owl Water Feature here at UK Water Features HQ to see exactly how simple it really is!


Low assembly is required for this water feature.

  • Firstly take all the components out of the cardboard box, which was easily done. They’re all really well packed and protected in appropriate packaging, so should arrive at your home safe and sound! It is recommended you unwrap and lay all the components out of the ground before set up.

Components should be included as follows:

A – Metal bucket

B – Splash Guard

C- Decorative owl

D – Mains powered pump with plug. Rubber piping attached.


  • Next, thread the plug end of the pump (D) through the square hole in the bucket (A), so the pump is left in the bottom of it, and the plug outside. The pump has a nice long cable to be able to reach to your desired mains socket.

  • You can then stand the decorative owl (C) into its holes in the feet. These slotted in no problem at all, and the screw at the side can then be easily tightened to secure the owl in place.

  • The clear tube which should be attached to the pump (D) can then be placed onto the owl, to enable the water to pour through the owl’s beak. This is done by inserting the clear tube onto the owl’s right leg, on the underside of the bucket (A). Again another easy process!

  • If the clear tube isn’t already connected, this can be done by simply pushing it over the end of the pump.

  • Stand the pump (D) in the bottom of the bucket (A) and ensure there are no kinks in the clear tube.

  • You are then ready to fill your feature with water! Make sure that the pump is fully submerged.

  • Plug in the feature to your mains socket and turn on at the wall. If everything is installed correctly, water will soon begin to flow from the owl’s beak.

  • On first use it may take a few seconds for the water to come through, due to air that might be in the pump.
  • The splash guard (B) can be stood in the metal bucket (A) to enable as much water to stay in the feature as possible.

It really is simple of that, the Owl Water Feature is really not complicated to set up at all!


An instruction manual is included in the box of your water feature which contains helpful diagrams to aid set up. In this there is also lots of information to ensure you know how to care for your water feature properly, including cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting.


We hope this short guide may help you to decide if our Owl Water Feature is right for you, it’s a fantastic water feature that looks great when set up, and will look brilliant in any garden of any size! Why not treat your garden and pick one up from ourselves today?


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