How to Install a Battery Powered Water Feature

How to Install a Battery Powered Water Feature


Battery Powered Set up

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  1. First of all the battery pack needs to be fully charged. If the pack is charged for 8 hours this will enable the feature to run for approximately 30+ hours. To charge the battery pack, simply plug the mains power charger into the battery pack indoors. You will notice a flashing light when the pack is charging.

  2. When the first step is complete please attach the switch unit to the pack. This needs to be attached clockwise and just need a gentle twist as shown in the photo below. Please do not force this as it could damage the switch box.

  3. Connect the remote switch by plugging it in to the first slot on the left. You will then need to attach the pump lead by screwing it into the middle slot. Next the light needs to be connected into the final slot. All slots are clearly marked.

  4. When all of the connections have been made please place the battery pack and wires into your Dri Box. This is to protect the battery back and remote control from all weather conditions. You will then need to feed the light and pump wire through the gap on your Dri Box and then securely attach the lid using the clips on either side.


  5. Your lights have a sensor which will need to be placed outside of the Dri Box in order to be able to recognise if the lights are needed or not.

  6. Once all of the fixings are in place please attach your pump to your feature. Please note that if the pump will not connect directly to the PVC pipe within your water feature we have included a small adaptor which can be placed onto the pump and then inside the existing water feature pipe (This is show clearly in the photos below)

  7. Your pump then needs to be fully submerged in water in order to run smoothly. Please ensure that during warmer weather the water feature is always kept topped up.

  8. Your remote control has a timer function, for example the buttons with numbers indicate the length of time in hours which your feature will run for before automatically turning off. If you would like your feature to run continuously please select the ‘on’ button. The remote will still work effectively when used indoors.

  9. Congratulations your battery powered water feature set up is now complete!

Finally sit back and enjoy your new water feature.

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