Installing your new solar powered water feature.

Installing your new solar powered water feature.


Remove all the solar parts from the box. 

1. Connect the solar panel to the ‘birdhouse’ and the ground spike to the frame of the solar panel.

2. Place the solar panel in direct sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours initially. Press the ‘ON’ button once. The solar powered light will illuminate yellow and once in the sun the ‘CHARGING’ light will flash amber.


3. You are now ready to connect the pump to your water feature. Plug the pump into the ‘PUMP’ outlet on the solar panel. The solar pump does also come with a white LED light ring which can be added to your water feature if you wish. This plugs into the ‘LED’ outlet on the solar panel. 



Ensure the pump is fully submerged in water.

The solar pump will operate in direct sunlight, any surplus power will then be stored in the battery.

To vary the power of the pump/flow rate use the black dial at the top of the birdhouse. Left is LOW and right is HIGH. This function can only be used in ‘BATTERY POWERED’ mode.


4. To enjoy the water feature at night or on cloudy days simply press the ‘MODE’ button until the ‘BATTERY POWERED’ light illuminates. The fountain will run for up to 3 hours when fully charged using the battery backup function.


Further information:

Please note that the water feature may have additional LED lights built in, these are to be used with the ‘electrical’ version of the same item. Please ignore these cables; they do not need to be used.


The system has a built in low battery indicator. When the battery is low the light will blink every 2 seconds. Allow the battery to charge for at least 3 hours in direct sunlight.


If you require technical advice or spare parts please email


The spare battery for this solar pump can be found by searching our website ( for product code: 10040