Jupiter Solar Fountain Pump Instructions

Jupiter Solar Fountain Pump Instructions


What's included with each Jupiter Solar Pump?

  • Solar panel
  • Ground stake
  • Control housing
  • Rechargeable battery
  • LED lights
  • Pump
  • Extension pipe & 4 interchangeable fountain heads

Assembly Instructions:

Ensure the water in the pool/water feature is clear as algae and other matter may cause this product to malfunction.

  1. The product is suitable for outdoor use only and obtains its power with the solar panel when placed into 'direct' sunlight
  2. To fully charge the battery place the solar panel in direct sunlight for 8 hours before using it for the first time.
  3. Connect the ground stake to the frame
  4. Connect the solar panel to the control housing by pushing the connections securely together.
  5. The LED light ring can be positioned in the fountain if you wish
  6. Connect the pump cable and fountain light (if you are using this) to the sockets on the control housing

Operating Instructions:

Test the control system...

  • Press the ''ON'' button, the ''SOLAR POWERED'' indicator is on.
  • Push the ''MODE'' button repeatedly, the indicator light will cycle through the ''SOLAR POWERED'', ''BATTERY POWERED'' positions.
  • Push the ''OFF'' button, the indicator light will turn off.


Once the solar panel and control housing are connected and the solar panel placed into direct sunlight, the ''CHARGING'' indicator light will blink.

Solar Powered Mode

Press the ''ON';' button, the red ''SOLAR POWERED'' indicator is on. The pump operates in sunlight, any surplus power will charge the battery.

Battery Powered Mode

Press the ''MODE'' button to ''BATTERY POWERED''. The pump will run for 6-8 hours using battery power when fully charged. If the BATTERY POWERED mode is run in the dark the LED fountain light (if used) will light automatically.

Memory Function

The memory function is designed to remember the time at which you switched on the solar pump for the first time, this function will then switch on the pump at that time everyday. The memory function is only reactive under 'BATTERY POWERED'' mode.

Adjustable Water Lift

Water lift is controlled by a variable speed valve, you can adjust the water lift in ''BATTERY POWERED'' mode (Please note that the greater the lift the more energy is consumed and the shorter the operating time)

Low Battery

The system is designed with a low battery indication. When the battery is low the light will blink every 2 seconds. All the battery to recharge for at least 3 hours in direct sunlight.

Product Maintenance

Solar Panel

The panel should be cleaned periodically with a soft tissue.

Regular cleaning of the panel is advised.


The pump can be cleaned to remove build of sediment, scale or dirt

Disconnect the pump from the control housing

Remove the pump cover and impeller cover by pulling it apart

Take out the impeller and clean with fresh water

Remove the filter foam from the front of the pump cover and clean with fresh water

Re-assemble by connecting the pump cable onto the control housing


The battery life is approx. 12- 18 months but of course depends on use

The rechargeable battery can be changed by opening the control housing

The battery will operate for 6-8 hours when fully charged

Winter Protection

During the winter time we recommend that you remove the solar pump from the water feature/pool and store in a dry place with the solar panel.

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