Lions Head Solar Water Feature

Lions Head Solar Water Feature

Lions Head Solar Water Feature

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Caring for your water feature... Fill the fountain with sufficient water to ensure the pump is well submerged. We advise that you clean and top up the water on a regular basis. Adding an algae prevention treatment to the fountain will avoid the build up of algae and keep the water clean and clear. This can be added to your shopping basket as an accessory.

Always shut off the power before cleaning and maintaining the pump. Never allow the fountain pump to run dry. It is not recommended to leave the fountain running constantly. We suggest turning the fountain on/off when required.

Preparing your water feature for the Winter... Never allow ice to form in any part of the feature, as the force of the ice forming will cause cracking. Drain and clean all bowls etc and apply a fountain protection cover (this can be added to your shopping basket). For total protection and to prolong the life of the paint finish, drain the fountain and store indoors. The pump should be disconnected from the mains supply, removed from the fountain and cleaned by following the instructions which come with each fountain.




  • Classic lion design
  • Operates in direct sunlight - totally free to run
  • Includes remote solar panel
  • Great for lawns or patios
  • Adds a touch of elegance

What's In The Box

  • Lions Head Solar Water Feature


Height: 48cm/18.8"
Width: 45cm /17.7"
Depth: 45cm /17.7"

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