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Garden Water Butts

Store and conserve water in your garden by installing one of our fabulous water butts!

Installing a water butt in your garden is both cheap and easy and will enable you to start collecting some of the thousands of litres of rainfall which fall onto the average roof every single year.

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Garden Foldable Water Butt (170 Litre)
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We are now stocking a new range of water butts here at UK Water Features. You may also know these economical garden accessories as rainwater tanks or even a rain barrels as they are called throughout different areas of the world. In order for us to store water we use a water tank. They are generally used to gather and store rain water usually from rooftops or rain gutters. Water Butts are economical devices that are used for collecting and maintaining rain water.
Water Butts are mostly installed in our gardens to efficiently use rain water for later use. This in turn will reduce the amount of mains water use. This is not only for economic or environmental reasons it also saves you money!
The water that is stored in the water butts can then be used for several days worth of gardening tasks such as, watering gardens, agriculture, washing cars and even on those hot summer days when the kids just want to have a little fun in the back garden with some water. They are especially useful when other water supplies are unavailable or limited , costly or of even lacking in quality.
Sizes vary as do the initial costs. However it is noticeable that water butts generally have a relatively low initial cost and require minimum maintenance. The largest water butt that we are currently stocking is the 200 litre water butt.This water butt has a stylish woodgrain effect which looks at home in even the most contemporary garden. All the new water butts in this range come with woodgrain effect, they are fitted with traditional barrel effect banding, they all have a child-safe lid, come complete with a tap as standard, there is minimal assembly required, each water butt is guaranteed for 5 years, each one is manufactured from at least 75% recycled content, each water butt has a space Sava stand allows a watering can to be filled from the water but and last but not least each water butt comes with handles for easy lifting and versatility.