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Water Features create a stunning focal point in any garden.

We stock an impressive range of both indoor and outdoor garden water features that are all readily available from our online store. Most of our water features are also self-contained, which means that they are easy to install and require no plumbing. 

A water feature instantly adds a sense of calm and creates a central focal point. The majority of garden fountains are fully self contained making them safe for pets and young children with minimal pools of standing water. Most of our fountains are now also low voltage meaning they are much safer than mains powered fountains and of course in todays economic climate cost much less to run. Most items in our range use less power than a standard house lightbulb.

If you are unable to run power to a certain area in the garden why not have a look at our eco friendly range of Solar Water Features, all which enhance the power from the sun and several in the range also have a built in battery back up enabling the fountain be turned on at night - technology really has come on leaps and bounds!