Water Features to Provide Feng Shui

Feng Shui


What is feng shui?

Feng shui translates to wind and water, more than 5000 years ago feng shui was an ancient Chinese art which involved positioning objects in certain places to encouraged harmony and balance within the surrounding environment, water was an important part of the art and belief of feng shui. Water is associated with the flow of Chi, the energy of the universe believed to exist in all living things. The Chinese believe where Chi flows freely and accumulates there is health, abundance and prosperity. Where Chi stagnates there is illness and decay.


Why practice feng shui?

The positive flow of Chi is vital to promote a positive atmosphere in a garden the movement should be free and unrestricted. Any barriers to chi should be removed to allow easier movement. In some cases this is not possible and feng Shui can be used to make for the smooth flow of Chi, Chi that flows too fast can be just as unsettling as restricted flow at all.

Water can be used to change the flow of the powerful life source by making it faster or slower, introducing water into your garden or home is easier than you think you can add a pond, fountain, water feature or waterfall. There are a few simple points to consider when installing water features as a feng Shui technique to create harmony and tranquillity in the garden:

  • Water is best situated in the north, east or south east corners of the garden, this will help bring prosperity and wealth
  • Water should flow towards the house and the main entrance or a large window to allow Chi to enter into the home. It should never flow away from the house.
  • Waterfall strength of flow needs to be considered careful if the flow is too strong it will be destructive if it's too gentle it wont do anything.
  • Water features must be the right proportion for the garden if the feature is too big it will be too powerful for the home on the other hand if it's too small it will symbolise a lack of a abundance.
  • Dead plants and debris should be removed from the garden as they too can restrict the flow of Chi as well as making ponds and features look untidy.
  • Water must be of the best quality and strength to harness the Chi, removal of algae build up and dead leaves for cleaner water will help it it to remain moving.
  • Cracks and leaks in a water feature or fountain will allow Chi to escape.
  • Goldfish encourage wealth they should be introduced into ponds and well looked after to help the Chi.
  • The Chi needs replenishing after water has been lost through evaporation it is essential to top up the feature regularly.

Installing a water feature in your garden or home doesn't have to be expensive or difficult, there are various ready made features with easy assembly that can be added to a garden to encourage Chi and bring happiness and wealth to the home.

If you believe in feng shui or think it's a load of superstitious nonsense it is safe to say that any space will benefit from the principles of feng shui both practically and aesthetically. A water feature is rewarding in any home or garden not only will it help free the movement of Chi it will bring relaxation, enjoyment and happiness to the area and its visitors.

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