Finia 650 Heavy Duty Pebble Pool Installation Guide

Fina 650 Heavy Duty Pebble Pool Installation Guide


Step by step guide to installing a Finia 650 Heavy Duty Pebble Pool

Before purchasing your Finia 650 pebble pool you will need to find the ideal place to position it, take some time to consider the following questions...

  • Would you like to place pot plants behind as a backdrop?
  • Is there nearby power source?
  • What will you disguise the pool with?
The Finia 650 pebble pool is idea for mounting smaller water features on, examples include stainless steel spheres, terracotta pots and slate monoliths (we would advise that the maximum height monolith on this pool should be no more than 2ft, any higher and the monolith would need a larger reservoir which can support more weight).

  1. Using a spirit level make sure the pool is completely level, if not the feature wont flow properly.
  1. If the surface is uneven use a small amount of sand and cement to make the pool level.
  1. Use your chosen material to disguise the pool base, this could be rockery stone, pot plants, or logs.
  1. Before filling with water place the pump in the middle of the Finia pool, making sure the tube is fed through the lid.
  1. Fill with water and place the lid on the pool.

  1. Cover the lid with decorative stone, for example slate chippings.
  1. Position the fountain to ensure the water falls back into the pool.
  1. Finally it is important to ensure all electrical cables are protected against the weather and covered where necessary, the transformer should ideally be fully covered by some form of protective box. For extra safety measures it is advised you consult a qualified electrician.

For larger water featue projects we also stock the Finia 1,000 Reservoir and Finia 1,800 Heavy Duty Reservoir.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact the UK Water features team for further advice and suggestions. Call us on 01226 388889 or e-mail we will be happy to help.


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