How To Install A Preformed Pond In Your Garden

How To Install A Preformed Pond In Your Garden


A preformed pond is a perfect choice for any garden or outdoor space. It can be used as a focal point of the garden or to attract an array of wildlife including frogs, squirrels and bird life by providing them with a natural habitat environment. Preformed ponds require basic installation and this guide will help you through in three simple steps.

Step 1
Place your preformed pond in the chosen location. Mark out your pond allowing an extra 5cm around the perimeter of the pond (This will ensure your pond will fit and can be sufficiently backfilled to prevent any punctures).

Step 2
After excavation, line the space with approximately 5cm of sand ensuring it is evenly distributed. Then place the preformed pond in the excavation, half filling with water and backfilling in the space between the pond and excavation.

Step 3
Fill the pond to the desired depth and continue to backfill if there are any more spaces. It is important to allow a few days before placing rocks and slabs in the pond, this will allow the ground beneath the pond to settle and minimise. 

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