How To Put Together An Indoor Water Feature

How To Put Together An Indoor Water Feature


Assembling an Indoor Water Feature

Here are our quick fire tips to assembling an indoor water feature...

  • First of all remove your water feature from the packaging with care.
  • Dispose of the packaging but make sure that you keep your instructions safe.

  • Find the tube which is at the back of your water feature.

  • Then unpack your pump and transformer.

  • The black pump then needs to be pushed into the tube. (This can be a bit tricky sometime)

  • If your water feature has any lights the cable can also be found at the back of your water feature. It may help to tip your water feature upright in order to retrieve this.
  • The cable then needs to be attached to the transformer.

  • The tube, pump and cable then need to be put back into the water feature.
  • The next step is to fill your feature with water. For best results ensure that the pump is under the water, however be careful not to overfill your feature.

  • Finally plug your transformer into the socket and relax!

The benefits of Indoor Water Features

  • Water is a natural stress reliever for humans.
  • When you’re relaxed it’s proven that your blood pressure and heart rate drop and you are able to think more clearly.
  • Water features are an ideal relaxation tool and can be incorporated into meditation exercises to help you achieve a calm and clear state of mind.
  • Water features can help to return moisture to the air, increasing air quality for humans, pets and plants.
  • Water Features give off negative ions which help to purify the air, removing 95% of bacteria and allergens which can help anyone suffering from asthma or who has seasonal allergie