Installing a Tidal 75cm Stainless Steel Sphere Water Feature

When it comes to choosing a water feature for your garden it can be a mind field of choices, sizes, colours and materials with literally hundreds to choose from.

One of our customers approached UK Water Features looking to add a contemporary feel to their outside decked area. Originally they had a traditional copper effect water feature installed but were looking for change.

The customer decided on one of the larger stainless steel spheres from the Tidal range. The 75cm Stainless Steel Sphere Water Feature is made from a quality grade 304 stainless and comes complete with built in white LED lights.

In this install as the customer already had a reservoir in the ground they have not used the pool which comes with the water feature but opted to bolt the sphere to the base already in place. As you can see from the photos even their grandaughter got involved with the install! – adding a water feature to your garden really can be this simple.




Our sphere style water features all now come with one cable; this cable powers both the pump and the LED lights. As with all the items in the Tidal range the 75cm Sphere uses a low voltage transformer which uses less than 25 watts making it extremely economical to run and of course safe.

Once installed why not decorate the top of the reservoir with Black Polished Pebbles to add the finishing touches.

When looking to maintain the water feature we recommend cleaning the sphere with a Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth every couple of weeks. By doing this the sphere will remain shiny and a real focal point in your garden for years to come.

The Tidal range of modern and contemporary water features is exclusive to UK Water Features with prices starting from just £59.