Set Up Instructions for Massarelli Florentine Two Tier Fountain

Open bag containing the pump kit P40008. In the kit you will find:

  • 40400 (400 gallon per hour pump)
  • rubber stopper
  • 48" long piece of 3/4" clear tubing

5" long piece of 1" clear tubing

1. Place pedestal on a firm and level surface where fountain will remain. Place the largest shell on the pedestal.

2. Find the pump, the piece of 3/4" clear tubing 48" long and the rubber stopper. Attach the piece of 3/4" clear tubing 48"
long onto the outlet side of the pump. Place pump in the pump house in the center of the shell and run the plug end of the
electrical cord down the PVC pipe in the pump house and down through the pedestal. Retrieve cord from under pedestal
and place in access hole in bottom of pedestal. Slip the rubber stopper onto the power cord about 15” from the pump with
the smaller end facing away from the pump. Insert the rubber stopper snugly into the PVC pipe. Make sure the pump is
seated on the bottom of the pump house.

3. Position the largest shell on pedestal and level. To level shell, place level on the top rim of the pump house in the
center of shell. Level in (2) Two directions left to right and front to back. Shim as needed.

4. Find the spacer. Run the 3/4" clear tubing through the center hole in spacer. Position the spacer on top of pumphouse
in center of shell and level as stated in step #3.

5. Find the second shell and run the 3/4" clear tubing up thru the hole in the center housing of the shell. Position shell on
top of the spacer and level. To level shell, place level on the outside rim of the shell. Level as stated in step #3.

6. This step is for the #3691 68” FLORENTINE FOUNTAIN
Cut the 3/4" clear tubing 10 1/2" above the top surface of the center housing on the second shell.
Find the finial. In the center of the finial you will see a PVC pipe. Insert the 3/4" clear tubing into the PVC pipe in the
bottom of the finial and slide the finial down onto the center housing of the second shell. Position the finial on the

7. Find the drain plugs and insert snugly into the drain inserts located in the two shells of the fountain. Remove any tape
and or dirt from the drain insert before you insert the drain plug.

8. Fill shells with tap water and plug pump into a 110VAC GFCI protected outlet. Adjust the water flow to the finial using
the dial type flow control located on the front of the pump until the desired result is achieved.


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