Smart Solar Water Mill Fountain Set Up

Our Water Mill Fountain is a beautifully detailed feature, and great for any garden! It has a turning mill wheel and built in LED so the feature is nicely illuminated through the night time. It is handmade and finished and completely self-contained so is a very easy option to decorate your garden this year.

To show you exactly how easy this fountain is to set up, we installed one here at UK Water Features, and put together this short guide to help you if you may come across any troubles setting it up (although we think that might be unlikely!).


Step by Step Set Up

  • To begin, take all of the components out of the cardboard box. To be honest, this was probably the hardest part of the set up! Because the feature is so well packaged, it was really hard to get out of the box, so you may need another helping hand available to squeeze it out! Take everything out of the boxes, polystyrene and plastic wrap and lay out on the floor.
  • Next, remove the sliding door located at the back of the house, to find to clear rubber tube, which should be hiding inside the house, we managed to locate it very easily. Reach into the back and plug the tube into the pump. Sit the pump then into the base of the feature.
  • You can then fill the main bowl with water, submerging the pump. This water needs to be regularly topped up so that the pump inside doesn’t run dry.
  • Fit the pump to the cable of the solar panel. Make sure the two ends are fully connected and water tight. Again, we managed to fix the two pieces together with ease.
  • In the roof of the house, there is a little black box that holds the LED light, with a built in solar panel. Turn this on now before inserting back into the roof.
  • When the solar panel has had time to charge, the water will then begin to flow around the feature and the mill wheel will start to turn, and when the sun goes down the light will also operate. Sit back, and enjoy!

One thing to be aware of is that the solar panel is only operational during the day and when placed in direct sunlight. The feature will work best during the summer months, as there are more bright days. The fountain will work during spring and autumn months too, provided there are enough hours of sunshine for the panel to charge.

Position the fountain in direct sunlight so the solar panel can receive the maximum amount of sunlight. If your house is shading a certain part of the garden, or tall trees are in the way, you should find a different place to put it so you can enjoy the full effect of your new fountain.

In the box there is an instruction manual that has some helpful diagrams to assist your set up. In the manual you will also find details of how to care for, clean and troubleshoot your new feature.

We hope this guide may have answered any questions you might have had regarding the set-up of your water mill! To view this product and for more information check it out on our website here.