Stainless Steel Sphere Water Features

Stainless Steel Sphere Water Features


Stainless steel spheres prove a popular choice for both the traditional garden and more contemporary garden across Europe due to their simplicity, clean edges and superb reflections.

All our stainless steel spheres are full self obtained, everything you need is in the box and in most cases they can be up and working within5 minutes. 

Here is what you get in the box:

Stainless steel sphere with built in LED lights
Plastic reservoir
Pump & extension cable (10 metres)
12 month fully backed up warranty and customer support


The spheres are made from premium grade 304 stainless steel. When buying online you may find companies selling similar products for much less, always ensure that check the quality of the stainless steel as anything less than grade 304 simply isn't suitable for use outside and overtime will rust. We can safely say our spheres will not rust, we have had these in our range now for over 5 years with not one item returned (this is something we are very proud of and work closely with our factories to ensure these high standards remain in place).

Installing a sphere into your garden is really simple. Here are our basic steps:

1). Choose a suitable location in the garden to install the water feature, remember you'll need to get power to it.

2). Dig a hole deep enough to house he reservoir, place the reservoir into he hole and fill with water.

3) Fit the pump to the pipe which comes out from the bottom of the sphere and connect the pump and lights to the main extension cable, the pump can then be submerged in the water and the sphere placed onto the reservoir ensuring the cable lines up with the notch on one side of the line (this just stops the cable getting damaged). 

4) Decorate around the base of the sphere with pebbles of your choice. We recommend our black polished river pebbles, the finest quality as supplied to many of the top garden designers. (One of our 10kg bags should be enough to cover the top of your sphere).

5). The water feature can now be turned on and enjoyed in your garden for years to come. 

Maintaining your water feature is also relatively easy.

Every couple of weeks (or more often when the sun comes out!) top the water feature up. This can be done by simply pouring water over the sphere, it will then find its own way into the base below. On most occasions you can tell when the water level is running low as the height of the spout at the summit of the sphere reduces in size, as water is added this will regain in height again.

To keep the sphere shiny a simple rub it every couple of weeks with an e cloth. (stainless steel cleaning cloth) This will ensure the sphere keeps the beautiful reflections and will also add to the longevity of the water feature.

Finally to prevent the water going green and smelly especially when the weather warms up an additive can be added to the water to prevent the build up of algae and bacteria. There a several options available but we highly recommend a barley straw based additive, this is not only Eco friendly but provides the best results and will not deteriorate the stainless steel.

We currently offer the stainless steel spheres in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 75cm diameters  and our biggest sphere the giant 100cm stainless steel sphere.

If you have any questions about our sphere water features or any other items on our website we are here to help,  during the day you can use our live chat feature below or call our customer care team - 01226 388889. If its a bit later feel free to email our team, we reply personally to all emails which we receive.