Umbrella Fountain Solar Water Feature Installation Guide

Umbrella Fountain Solar Water Feature Installation Guide


This cute boy, girl and dog sat under an umbrella is a really popular choice with our customers. The Umbrella Fountain Solar Water Feature creates a wonderful sound as water falls down the sides of the umbrella and back into the self contained pool of water below.

As with the majority of the water features in the Smart Solar range this fountain comes with built in solar panels which neatly sit at either side of the fountain and remove the need to have a solar panel seperate to the fountain which would mean a trailing cable to disguise.

Take care when removing the fountain from the packaging as the Umbrella Fountain does come in several sections.

Begin by using the unique twist and lock mechanism to attach the top bowl to the base of the water feature. Take care when twisting not to over tighten.

You can then screw the umbrella top onto the supporting metal pole which the two children are holding.


Now the main part of the fountain has been assembled you can move onto the solar panels and pump.

Each solar panel needs to have the jack plug threaded through the hole and into the base of the fountain underneath where the girl and boy will sit once the fountain is complete. Once pulled through the solar pump can be connected to the panels.


The final stage is to simply connect the pump to the PVC tube and then place the girl and boy into position on the fountain.

Your new water feature can now be filled with water and enjoyed. It really is that simple!


A few useful tips...

During warmer days the water will soon evaporate so keep the fountain topped up. By using a watering can you can simply pour water back into the top of the fountain.

By placing an additive into the water (which is harmless to birds and animals) this will prevent the fountain from building up algae and general grime. We highly recommend Fountain Fresh which is also produced by Smart Solar.

When the winter falls you need to drain the water from the fountain and either cover with a winter protection cover or ideally just pop the fountain indoors. This will remove the chance of any damage as the temperature drops and means when the spring comes again you can enjoy the beauty of your fountain again.

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