Zinc Metal Free Standing Water Feature with Sheet Water Blade Effect

Medium assembly is required for this feature. 


  • Empty the contents of the box so all parts are clearly visible, this will enable easy assembly of the water feature. The components included should be as follows:

A – Top Part of Blade Cascade

B – Bottom Half of Blade Cascade

C – Plug               

D – Water Feature Pump


  • Place the pump in the feature and thread the cable and the plug through the base of the feature ensuring the pins are facing the back of the feature.

  • The pipework can be found inside the top part of the feature. Thread the tubing through the hole on the base of the feature, to enable water to flow through sections.

  • Unscrew the wing nuts on the feature then attach the bottom to the top then tighten up the screws to secure in place.

  • Attach the clear tubing to the pump in the base of the feature, this may be a tight fit, if so place the tubing in warm water which will enable the tubing to expand and fit with ease.

  • Ensure the water feature is placed on a fully level surface as this will affect the flow of the water through the feature. Do not switch on the water feature until the feature has sufficient water in and the pump is fully submerged in the water.

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