Proud to be British - Cast Stone Fountains

Proud to be British - Cast Stone Fountains


We love to support great British products and we are proud to have a new range of fountains made here in the UK.

Made from a Lytag which an eco-friendly concrete the fountains come in two options, a plain buff colour which is the original stone mix or a hand painted bronze effect. Both are equally as attractive and the decision is really down to personal preference and also the setting in which the water feature will be installed.

As the two tier cast stone fountains are made to order the delivery time from placing an order is approximately two to three weeks. Upon placing an order you will be sent a confirmation of the order along with a 750 Feature Pump which is used to pump the water to the top of the fountain when it arrives.  Before delivery of the main fountain a member of the dispatch team will contact the customer to arrange a suitable day for delivery.

The fountains come in six sections; the base, two separators, a smaller tier and a larger tier, and then the top piece. As a whole each fountain weighs 205KG so upon delivery we would always advise having a couple of pairs of strong hands around, backed up with several pots of tea!

Each section sits neatly on top of each other, the pump is housed in the main bowl towards the bottom of the fountain and the cable comes neatly from the base and can then be fed to a nearby power source.

Once up and running we would recommend keeping the water clean and free from algae by simply adding Fountain Fresh to the fountain every couple of weeks during the warmer summer months.