June 2011

A Breakdown Of The Different Bird Feeders

There are many different types of bird feeders out there in the market these days. With such a wide choice, how do we know which feeder is more suited to our own needs. Well here is brief breakdown of some of the more popular types of bird feeders to help narrow it down for you. All in all, basic seed feeders are the most recognized. We may well know them as their common designs such as hopper, trays or tubes. People tend to combine these feeders with the option of sunflower seeds or mixed seed. Different seeds attract different species of birds (very similar to hum...

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Adding Some Light To A Dim Corner: Garden Water Features With Lights

By now we all know that adding a water feature to our gardens dramatically enhances the overall look and feel of the garden. Now many water features are coming with built in lights. Simply by placing one or two LED lights inside the water feature offer you a new world of exciting shadows and reflections from a once dim and glum corner of your garden.   Read More

Solar Powered Water Features In Your Garden

With the advancements in technology you can now enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a water feature in your very own back garden completely hassle free. Solar water features are a great way for you to enhance the general look and feel of your garden without having to worry about installation or wires.How do solar powered water features actually work?The word 'solar' means something that feeds on the energy from the sun, so in the terms that w...

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