March 2012

UK Water Features - Enhance your garden with an ornament or two…

Those who are blessed with some great space outside their homes often end up doing landscaping with greenery. Of course there is no better way to make use of the space. Considering the fact that you can have themes with your garden, there are a range of accessories that you can make use of. Every garden can be enhanced with an ornament or two. Here are some examples.Stainless steel ornamental spheres add a touch of intrigue to any place they are set in. These stainless steel orbs com...

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UK Water Features - Bringing technology to your garden.

There is no escaping technology and today it has found its way into your garden as well. There are several kinds of accessories that you could use in your garden to make it an even more interesting experience. A bio-ethanol burner can easily be turned into a lighting source for your outdoor area. There are several versions that you can use, an open grate fire place, an enclosed square table and the like. All of these ensure a safe means of light in your garden and adds that touch of uniqueness.Y...

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UK Water Features - Adding a little humour to your garden this spring.

Every garden has a theme to it, but if you want yours to stand out for sheer novelty sake then you could think of adding a bit of humor to your garden. There are several items of décor that you can introduce to your garden and watch the smiles it brings on the faces of all those who pass by. Take for example garden gargoyles. They have a look of mystery around them and you could consider placing them at the entrance of your garden. They may come across as scary to others,...

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UK Water Features - It's officially Spring, don't let the hosepipe ban change anything.

Winter has been and gone once again as yesterday marked the official first day of spring. As the weather begins to brighten up we will all be spending a little more time in our gardens preparing for the spring season. As many of you know there is a water drought here in the UK and an official hosepipe ban. This doesn't mean that you will not be able to care for your garden, plants or water features it simply means that a different method is needed to maintain your garden and garden features. The use of a Read More

UK Water Features - Light up those dark winter evenings.

Winter evenings can be dreary and dull in the UK. It can be boring especially when you like to enjoy your evenings outdoors. You can now light up your dark winter evenings without much hassle using garden lighting products.All weather outdoor garden lights and innovative lighting designs are available from the best manufacturers of lighting arrangements in the UK. You can choose from solar lights, deck lighting, spot lighting, designer lanterns, rechargeable exterior lights and even LED ligh...

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UK Water Features - Save money and taste the difference this year, grow your own fruit and veg!

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a huge leap towards making your life greener and healthier. It is a great money saver because you get fresh produce at nearly half the cost you would otherwise have to pay to buy from your local market. If you are using organic farming methods, it will help in preserving the soil nutrients while cutting down on the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals.It is possible to grow almost all varieties of fruits and vegetables in your garden without taking too much of time off from your other routine activities. All it requires is a working knowledg...

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UK Water Features - Turning your garden into an outdoor living space this Summer

Cadix garden furniture offers a range of products that can enhance the looks of your garden greatly. They are easily the biggest name in the UK when it comes to premium garden utility products that reflect your lifestyle.If you are looking for some great earthy planters, Cadix planters will do fine with their coarse natural look. They are produced in lightweight concrete and are available in a v...

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UK Water Features - Install a water butt and save water!

During hot and dry weather in the United Kingdom up to 50% of the total water usage is used outdoors. This maybe to water plants, wash cars or even to provide drinking water for birds.The increase in demand for water is putting a strain on natural resources. It is vital that we now find ways to conserve this valuable resource.Saving water in your garden is an easy way to reduce your household water bills, reduce the risk of drought orders and water restrictions and also help protect garden wildlife.Installing a Read More

UK Water Features - Keep unwanted visitors from your garden and home.

Keeping pests and other unwanted insects away from your garden can be quite a challenge if you do not have access to the right type of information about them. There are a variety of techniques and tools available to keep your garden protected from these unwanted guests.Keeping pests out of your garden is not a one-time task. It is an ongoing process and must be done regularly to keep the flora and the beauty of your garden protected and intact. Environmentally safe

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UK Water Features - Don’t let the British weather dampen your mail, or your spirits.

Looking for a post box to go with your home exterior? There are a host of options available to help you choose the best of the many varieties available. Modern day letter boxes are available in many styles and colors and serve people with diverse artistic interest and of course budget.Modern post boxes are trendy, stylish and engineered to stop pilferage. They are sturdy, long lasting and aesthetic in their look and purpose. Read More