July 2011

Hop on board our social media bandwagon

 Over the  past six months we have had an amazing amount of success with out online social media efforts. You can now find UK Water Features on Facebook, Twitter and the all new Google +1. First and forth most, thank you to everyone...

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Installing The Falmouth 2 Tier Solar Water Feature In Your Garden

If you are struggling to get power to a certain part of the garden or want to remain green and eco-friendly then a solar powered garden water feature must be top of your shopping list. Solar water features can be up and running within several minutes enabling you to instantly enjoy the benefits of a water feature in your garden. The Falmouth 2 Tier  constantly...

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The Tatton Park Flower Show Comes To A Beautiful End For Another Year.

This weekend saw the end of Tatton Park Flower Show which runs each year for the last week in July. Many gardens at the show incorporated water features. Envirolink North West’s Futureproof garden features a simple 100cm square galvanised grid placed on top of a pre-built raised bed. Inside the pool a water feature pump has been placed, we would suggest using a Libel 900 Water Feature & Fountain Pump to create the bubbling effect seen in the photos. Several larger peb...

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Naturally Sourced UK Slate Water Features

The use of natural slate garden features over the years has been somewhat over looked and you may find it a little hard to find much information on slate water features and their origin. Slate is commonly used in many well known items such as roof slate. In fact one of the most common uses of slate is in some unique designed water features. Many of the water features that are made from natura...

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The BIG Summer Giveaway on Facebook

Today sees the day where we launch our largest giveaway yet. Join us on Facebook to enter this months fantastic prize giveaway. Over the past few months we have had some brilliant competitions run through our Official Facebook page and our Twitter page where some lucky winners have walked away with some simply beautiful prizes. One of our most popular water features, the 50cm Stainless Steel Sphere was up for grabs last month for the lucky winner. This month we are...

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Haddonstone Garden Features & Garden Ornaments

When it comes to high quality craftmanship, many people turn to the specialists known as Haddonstone. Now if you are unaware of who or what Haddonstone is then you may find these short paragraphs very interesting.Haddonstone was established in 1971 to produce high quality decorative cast stonework. At first they had a small range of just seven cast stone designs to offer during the first year of business. Over the...

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Installing a KelKay Easy Fountain In Your Garden

Kelkay is one of the most respected names in the garden features market, and when they announced the launch of the Kelkay Easy Fountain many suppliers across the UK were extremely eager to get on board. With everyone now a days having such a busy and hectic schedule, we tend not to have that much spare time to sit down on the weekends and build a water feature from either scratch or from some lengthy instruction man...

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Advantages of a Masonry BBQ in Your Garden

We are all familiar with the more commercialized barbecues such as gas and charcoal but have we even heard of a masonry bbq and the overall benefits of owning one? A masonry bbq is a striking feature that can basically be added to any garden.Buschbeck Read More