December 2010

Winterizing Your Outdoor Water Feature

A fountain or outdoor water feature can add aesthetic value to your home and offer a sense of peace and serenity. It can also be relatively inexpensive or a bit of an investment. Either way, you want to make sure that you care for it properly. This means taking the necessary steps to protect your water feature during extreme weather - typically the winter season. As water freezes, it expands which can cause many types of material to crack. In areas with constant extremely low temperatures, you should remove all the water from your fountain and any small holding areas. Make sur...

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Planning Your Garden for 2011

Right now is an excellent time for planning the garden for a new season. While the days are shorter and the weather is cold and wintry, those who love to garden can be doing some dreaming about next year, and getting ideas for items they wish to add. Perhaps a lovely water feature could be chosen and some further landscaping to make the outdoor space more inviting, but it is important to think ahead and plan for spring. Garden water features vary in design styl...

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.I would like to personally thank all our customers this year both who purchased online and those who came to our store. 2010 has been one of our busiest years to date and with one of the largest selections of garden related products we really do have something for everyone.2011 will see more products added to our range along with the launch of an exciting new brand and online buying experience.If you have any suggestions for new products then please email Read More

Guide to Water feature care in the winter

Maintaining water features throughout the year with the change in weather and season is challenging task. Water can soon get clogged up. It is important to maintain your landscape water element properly for its running. There can be countless problems that can be a result of water features, especially when someone utilizes dirty or contaminated water. Special measures should be taken to solve problem and to avoid trouble.Basically, two types of algae, string algae and notorious plankton algae affect the pond by making its water green. Sunlight and nutrition are two factors behind th...

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Prepare for winter with your winter care pack

Getting ready for winter is not a task most of us relish. After the Christmas season passes and our New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten, we still have to deal with the snow, sleet, and most of all the cold. Sleet and snow can make it difficult for us to get where we need to go. Inadequate maintenance of our driveways, for example can lead to expensive downtime if we injure ourselves. The best way to avoid injury to ourselves and others is to keep our walkways clear. Providing a winter care package, preparedness kit, or whatever a person would like to call his colle...

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LED lights outdoors can make your home feel ready for Christmas

You have just finished putting up the tree. It was a long process, but you found all the decorations, made sure all the lights work, and garnered what help he can from other members of his family. When you manage to get the inside of the house looking like it is ready for Christmas, you are probably ready to take a step back and enjoy the labours of the work. You may even do so for a short period. When you step outside of the house, you can see the immediate problem with this perception. If you are an early starter, you may realise that you have not decorated the outside of yo...

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How the weather is affecting orders – Latest update

The weather is affecting deliveries to several areas of the UK as the snow and ice sets to worsen during the next few days.At present we cannot accept any orders for deliveries to Scottish postcodes as we can’t guarantee a definite delivery date. Our couriers in these areas have up to 10 days of parcels in their network due to the recent bad weather. Their warehouses are full and cannot take any more parcels until the backlog is cleared.Please note we also have delays on deliveries to postcodes in the North East. Again warehouses in this area are full and cour...

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Ideal gifts for Christmas are the Indoor water features

If you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift for everyone on your list, check out indoor water features. They are inexpensive and very relaxing for anyone. It is very economical in energy use and takes very little water to make a wonderful focus point in any décor. You can find them at most stores for the home or the office. For the office water choose a small water fountain with a single plant. It provides a living, moving flow in an environment without natural light. Most office buildings have so many employees, that a desk can be a long distance from the nearest w...

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Light up your home both inside and out with LED Christmas Lights

When looking for something to decorate your home with, using indoor and outdoor lighting is a Christmas tradition. These lively displays lift people's spirits and just enliven an otherwise dreary street as people pass by in the darkness. Christmas lights are usually simple single or parallel circles. If one bulb in any part of the circuit goes out, then the entire chain goes out, as anyone who has had basic science courses knows. LED lights designed for decorative purposes use the same strategies, but there is one key difference. T...

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Fresh Christmas Trees, why have a fresh tree against an artificial?

The debate over artificial and fresh Christmas trees continues. In some parts of the Christmas-celebrating English-speaking world the debate uses the same arguments, but different words. Americans are likely to refer to the type of tree a consumer needs to buy from a roadside stand as a real Christmas trees. Fresh Christmas trees usually come from farms who plant so many trees each year and cut the trees down after they reach a certain height to meet the demand. Such trees are easily biodegradable, burnable at the end of the season, and also have a scent some people find pleas...

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