Guide to Water feature care in the winter

Maintaining water features throughout the year with the change in weather and season is challenging task. Water can soon get clogged up. It is important to maintain your landscape water element properly for its running. There can be countless problems that can be a result of water features, especially when someone utilizes dirty or contaminated water. Special measures should be taken to solve problem and to avoid trouble.

Basically, two types of algae, string algae and notorious plankton algae affect the pond by making its water green. Sunlight and nutrition are two factors behind their growth. Providing shade to the pond by using above or besides the growth of plant can provide cover to the surface and reduces sunlight to get into it. Use of these covers can stop sun light to get into and thus reduces algae growth. Cleaning of the water timely will reduce the presence of nutrients.

Winter protection covers for fountains are available for outdoor fountains and in ground swimming pool. These covers help to protect these pools from the effect of cruel weather. They are made up of durable material and also have additional feature such as weather resistant surface coating which increases their durability and strength. Algae stopper anti algae treatments are very effective in reducing algae growth. Fountain cleaning products prolong the cleaning period of the fountain and ponds and make cleaning faster to provide fresh water.