April 2011

Solar Water Features, out there to save you money!

We all know that it is possible to dramatically enhance your gardens appearance with the addition of water features. For many people. the thought of adding a fountain or a waterfall to their garden in order to bring tranquillity and mellow ambiance  to their very own garden. However when trying to decide on which feature is more suitable, cost is usually their biggest deterrent in deciding if they should or should not add a water feature.  As crazy as it sounds, it is possible for you to save...

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Garden ponds, simple yet brilliant additions to your garden!

Pre-formed pond liners are a brilliant way to create a small wildlife habitat in your garden. All you need is a small amount of space, a spade, and a strong back (or at least know where to find one). Pre-formed pond liners are usually made of plastic or fibreglass, are lightweight, and easy to install. Easy to follow directions come with the liner, or there are many landscapers available who are familiar with the installation of pre-formed ponds in private gar...

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Garden Gazebos, perfect for spring

Garden Gazebos are becoming more popular amongst the UK public. Gazebos tend to be a free-standing structure that is either attached to the building or an individual feature set apart from the building. They are perfect for open areas such as parks and gardens. Today, you can enjoy a garden gazebo in your garden for a very reasonable cost.A high quality garden gazebo is usually made from pressure treated timber in order to ensure the gazebo lasts for a longer period of t...

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Britain set for Bank Holiday weekend sizzler !!

Well with the long weekend upon us, there is some great news that will certainly put a smile on your face today. This Friday sees the first day of the bank holiday/Easter weekend, and guess what? It is time to break out the sun tan lotion in April. Yes, you heard it right it's going to be a warm one.According to the Met Office, temperatures could rise to a scorching 23C this Thursday in the South of England. Unbelievably, this is warmer than Mediterranean hotspots such as Corfu, where their high is 19C and Athens at 18C and to be honest not that far off from Tenerife where their hig...

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Garden ornaments to enhance your outdoor living space

Garden ornaments are a perfect addition to any garden in order to enhance the overall outdoor space. With the range of garden ornaments so wide, there is certainly one or two out there that are suitable for all types of gardens whether your garden is a modern and contemporary design or a more traditional and quaint, there are little features that will certainly add to the overall space. All in all enhancing your garden and creating a unique outdoor living space.If you are sat in your garden one afternoon and are...

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Resin water features

Synthetic resins are materials with a property of interest that is similar to natural plant resins: they are viscous liquids that are capable of hardening permanently.So, how does this tie into a water feature. Well this is what is used to create the ever so popular resin water features. This particular type of water feature adds a certain natural look to any garden, however are most suited for traditional themed gardens where they can blend with their natural surrou...

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Controlling pests and unwanted pesky critters in your garden

Unfortunately, a large part of caring for our gardens means taking care of pests. Many pests can be very destructive or even fatal towards your plants. There are also pests which we consider to be a menace such as ants, cats, squirrels and moles. No matter which they tend to hinder our overall enjoyment of our gardens.  It is necessary to take the appropriate action as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage that these pests may have caused, or prepare a head of time to prevent any damage being initially done.Where possible the most economically fr...

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We are at it again! Another water feature giveaway.

First off, a big congratulations to Collette for winning the Small Column and Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature. It's on it's way.With the overwhelming success of the first competition, we are at it again!!  This time the prize is even bigger so if you would like to win a beautiful water feature for your garden this spring then guess what? You can!!Simply log on to our Read More

Unique custom built water features

The sound of flowing water can be a very relaxing and mellow sound for many. For some people the sound of flowing water can trigger a childhood memory or a favourite sound from the past. When we sit there and relax to the sound of flowing water, we can think back to sitting on a beach listening to the ocean, or sat relaxing in the countryside by a slow flowing stream. It is possible to re-create these sounds with water features that are simple plug and admire features or straight from the box. However, with the advances in modern technology, we can now re-create a much more reali...

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Hand crafted garden buildings, arbours and swing sets

Garden arbours and garden swing sets are a great little addition to your garden a place where you can sit and relax, while creating your own little tranquil atmosphere. With the amazing weather we had over the last week, and you were unfortunately tied into cutting the grass or pulling weeds all weekend then what better way than to sit and relax after all that hard work and admire a job well done than in a beautiful hand crafted...

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