Britain set for Bank Holiday weekend sizzler !!

Well with the long weekend upon us, there is some great news that will certainly put a smile on your face today. This Friday sees the first day of the bank holiday/Easter weekend, and guess what? It is time to break out the sun tan lotion in April. Yes, you heard it right it's going to be a warm one.

According to the Met Office, temperatures could rise to a scorching 23C this Thursday in the South of England. Unbelievably, this is warmer than Mediterranean hotspots such as Corfu, where their high is 19C and Athens at 18C and to be honest not that far off from Tenerife where their high is at 24C.

The unusually hot weather is set to continue throughout the weekend which sets it up to be a brilliant weekend in the sun. The average temperatures in the UK in mid April hover around the 10C-15C, so this surprising warms weather is certainly well above average.

With the long weekend set to be a warm one, the smell of sizzling food on a BBQ in the air is a certainty. When the weather is nice, there is nothing better than the smell of food cooking over charcoal lingering in the air. It is a great sign that summer is near. If Barbequing is not your thing, then you can definitely look forward to a relaxing weekend in the sun in the comfort of your own back garden, deck or patio area or even a lovely weekend away. Either way, the weather looks like it is going to be here till around the Royal wedding so let's take advantage of it. Don't forget your sunscreen!