September 2011

Don't pack your BBQ away for the winter just yet.

Well this is certainly un expected, highs are set to reach a whopping 24C today in London. Isn't it the end of September? Well according to weather forecasts across the UK we are set to have a beautiful end to the month with sunshine and warm temperatures sweeping the nation. That being said, we may want to hold of on packing the BBQ away for the winter and prepare for a wonderful weekend out in the sun. With temperatures this weekend set to soar to a remarkable 27C! Read More

Bring An Indoor Water Feature Into Your Home This Christmas

When thinking of Christmas, many of us would not think water features. Well in fact an indoor water feature makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one during the holiday season. When you think of water fountains it stimulates the brain into remembering past memories of mountain streams, bubbling brooks, waterfalls falling onto rocks bellow and even summer rains. Soothing sounds of falling water is a perfect natural sound to ease the mind day and night. With Christmas being a stressful period...

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Protect your investment and prepare your garden features for the winter season

As well know, last winter was a little bit of a disaster weather wise. Here in the UK we tend to have some bitterly cold winters that will not only affect your daily commute to and from work every day but the harsh temperatures will take a tole on your lovely garden water features should they be left unprotected throughout the winter season.  Your outdoor water features will be in harms way throughout the season if they are left outside in the freezing temperatures. In order for you to avoid e...

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Save the mess with an artificial Christmas tree this year

Every winter accross the UK we decorate our homes with  Christmas decorations in celebration of the festive season. Every year we get the ladders out and thorw our selves into the loft to bring down last years decorations. It is a yearly tradition that is shared amongst millions of people not only across the UK but the entire globe. Having celebrated this tradition for countless years, now might be the time to replace that tired looking Christmas tree with a new artificial tree, now know as the 'no mess' Chri...

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The all new Kelkay 2012 Exclusive Preview

We are pleased to have the exclusive preview of the new fountain range for 2012 from Kelkay, the UK’s number one choice for resin garden water features.The new range includes Traditional, Classic, Bronze Reflection, Natural, Contemporary and Statuary.Favourites from the new range and predicated best sellers for 2012 include:A new version of the popular Fluted Tier Fountain with a stone effect finish, two flowing tiers and buil...

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Go eco-friendly this Christmas with Solar LED Lights!

If you need an energy efficient alternative to mains powered lights this year then solar powered LED lights should be exactly what you are looking for.  These solar lights harness the power of the sun, charging up during the day and coming to life at night.Add a seasonal glow to plants, trees, borders and pathways.The photocell built into the solar panel triggers the lights to turn on automatically at night and then the timer will switch off the lights after 6 hours...

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LED Supabright Lights - Long lasting, low voltage and energy efficient

There are many benifits of switching from the old conventional style of lighting to modern LED lighting.Tough, durable and long lasting, LED lighting will out live the conventional Christmas Lights used by most many times over.  Also, LEDs are low voltage so they are safe not only outside but inside your home too.How does it work?  Conventional lighting utilises incandescent bulbs that merely push in which can be damaged very easily.  Eventually one light will go out...

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Stand out from the crowd with Premiers Connectable LED Lights

Get creative with Premier Connectable LED Lights giving you the ability to connect up to 5000 LED lights to just ONE power outlet!You can discard your collection of old exstension cables and sockets which can be a nightmare to set up.  Premiers light sets feature easy to use connectable accessories to make the job that bit easier.With connectable lights you're able to connect up to 5,000 lights from just one socket! You will pay less, save on mess and save on stress....

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Water Features used to create a unique memorial at the site of Ground Zero, New York

Over 5,200 proposals were submitted and Michael Arad's design chosen to remember nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks which took place in New York ten years ago to the day.There are two water features, one on each site to represent World Trade Centre plaza are over an acre in size each and water glides down each side 30 feet making this the largest manmade fountain in America. 660,000 gallons of water re-circulate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The two fountains ope...

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How will the weather effect your garden water features as winter looms?

The chances of a late Indian Summer now look slim as forecasters warn that Autumns first storms could be seen next week. It is likely to be followed by floods and tornadoes in October, while winter's big freeze could start in November.August was also the wettest month for a year, with rainfall up 30 per cent at close to 100mm, and one of the dullest Augusts ever recorded, with only 150 hours of sunshine.Bearing all this in mind its time to add the finishing touches to your garden and also in the back of your mind start to plan ahead for when the weather turns and the temperat...

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