September 2010

Prepare your water feature for the winter months ahead

Its coming to that time of year again where you need to think about preparing your fountain for the winter months again.We always suggest removing all the water from your water feature and cleaning it out before covering with one of our fountain protection covers. These covers are frost proof and come with a draw string at the base enabling a snug fit. Protection Covers come in three sizes,Read More

The History of Fireworks

The exact origin of fireworks is not exactly clear. Some experts believe that fireworks originated 2,000 years ago while others believe that they originated in the 9th century during the Song Dynasty in China. What is commonly agreed upon though is that the Chinese were the first to discover gun powders which lead to the creation of fireworks. Of course, the question remains, who discovered the firework? There is a legend that says a field cook discovered the invention on accident by mixing charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter and com...

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Don't Forget About Your Water Feature During The Winter Months!

The end of autumn is a time of preparation for many gardeners and landscapers. It is common knowledge that most plants will not survive the winter months, but what many people don't know is neither will the water features in your garden. It may seem like they would not be harmed since the water is constantly moving, but this is not the case for most water features, even smaller ones. Before the first cold winter snap, it is important to go ahead and empty out your water feature and move it to a place that is...

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How garden lighting can be used in the winter

Gardens are often considered extensions of the home; an outdoor room so to speak. When creating the right ambiance in the garden area one should not forget about lighting which is necessary for enjoyment of this space at all times of the day or night. Garden lighting illuminates the darkest spaces especially so you can enjoy the darker nights in your garden when the nights draw in but also helps to create an inviting place to bring family and friends. There is a wide variety of lighting fixtures to choose f...

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Most People Like The Look Of Christmas Decorations Around Their Homes

Most people like the look of Christmas decorations around their homes. The best way to create the right look is to make your plans before actually getting started. You may even want to plan your Christmas light displays inside and outside the home earlier this year. Getting a head start on your Christmas displays will help you to be able to create the look you want. Let's face it, when you are able to create a display that you can be proud of you can actually impress your neighbours. You may wish to decorate your livi...

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Caring For Your Water Feature during the Cold Winter Months

Autumn brings many new colours, birds, and flowers to your garden at home, along with some new chores like raking leaves and preparing your water feature for the winter. An important thing to remember about your water feature is that you can't just leave it all winter, unless you happen to live in a very warm climate all year long. If you have a concrete or any type of stone fountain, the best advice for the cold winter months is to empty the fountain out completely and bring it indoors before the first winter frost. Simply emptying the

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Show Your Pride in the UK with a Welsh Slate Monolith

What better way to both beautify your garden and show your pride in the great UK than with a slate monolith dug from Welsh quarries? Most slate monoliths available in the UK were dug out of quarries right on the mainland, so not only would you be adding a beautiful piece to your garden but also showing your support of British-based manufacturing companies. Not just any old water feature will do in the great UK. Water fountains can be found in gardens literally all over the world, but authentic Welsh...

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Get Ready For Christmas, Buy Those Festive Lights Early

There is just nothing like trying to get Christmas decorations up at the last minute and find that you can't find what you wanted, so why not prepare for Christmas by buying your festive lights earlier. The ideal time to purchase Christmas lighting of course would be right at the end of the season or even as soon Christmas is over. We can't always do that but we can get started early for best selection. Christmas is just not Christmas anymore without the Read More

In Late Summer Bring Your Garden Closer To Home

As we start getting less daylight we also start getting cooler evenings. We tend to stay closer to the comfort of our homes. Keep enjoying your gardens by putting your potted plants and flowers close to your patio and bring lighting closer. If you have solar lights bring them closer into your patio or sitting area. If you have a window you often are looking out, please bring some plants and lights closer for viewing so you may still enjoy what you have grown throughout the summer. Embrace the s...

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Bonfires are waited For With Anticipation

A bonfire is something that many people wait for with anticipation especially when they are looking forward to a special occasion. Preparing that bonfire requires some special planning if you want to make it the best it can be. One of the most important things to remember when preparing a bonfire is to build it for safety. Whenever fire is to be a part of a celebration planning is the key to success. Bonfires should not be built so high that you run a risk that it might fall bringing the fire with it onto a celebrating crowd. With that in mind, you should also be careful to no...

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