Don't Forget About Your Water Feature During The Winter Months!

The end of autumn is a time of preparation for many gardeners and landscapers. It is common knowledge that most plants will not survive the winter months, but what many people don't know is neither will the water features in your garden. It may seem like they would not be harmed since the water is constantly moving, but this is not the case for most water features, even smaller ones.

Before the first cold winter snap, it is important to go ahead and empty out your water feature and move it to a place that is warm and dry. No matter the material your water feature is made of, the stress of freezing temperatures on the fountain and pumps is too much for them to last long. While it may seem like a quick fix to simply pour antifreeze or some other warming agent into the fountain, these chemicals are often dangerous to animals and the environment. It is not recommended to try this "quick fix" because it could have devastating results.

If you are unable to move the fountain to a better location, it is still necessary to empty it out and make sure it stays dry throughout the entire winter. Even if a cover is used, water may leak into it and potentially cause damage. Don't think that your water feature is safe from the winter cold, because you may regret it come spring!