How garden lighting can be used in the winter

Gardens are often considered extensions of the home; an outdoor room so to speak. When creating the right ambiance in the garden area one should not forget about lighting which is necessary for enjoyment of this space at all times of the day or night.

Garden lighting illuminates the darkest spaces especially so you can enjoy the darker nights in your garden when the nights draw in but also helps to create an inviting place to bring family and friends. There is a wide variety of lighting fixtures to choose from when planning how you will light this most desirable space.

Since you will be placing lighting in the out doors for your garden, choosing lighting that is designed for outdoor use is a must. Placing strings of lights on trellises provides much needed illumination so that you will be able to see what you are doing and the faces of those who are around you, but you may wish to create a specific feel in your garden area.

If that is the case you may choose to place statuary with embedded lights for the desired effect. This might be in the form of small animals or human figures. Solar lighting is another good choice especially when electricity is not readily available to a specific area of the garden. Candles, lanterns and decorative torches are another great way to light your garden but for safety reasons should never be left unattended when lit.