November 2010

Make your own Christmas decorations for kids

Every year the kids get out for half term and I am at a loss for what to do with them. It is too cold for them to spend all day playing outside like they do in the summer, so I am forced to try and come up with fun and creative indoor activities for them to do during the holiday break. This year I planned ahead and came up with some Christmas crafts for them to do and make them feel included in the decorating. The first thing we did was make Christmas tree ornaments. I went to the local craft store and picked up some clay, paint and glitter. Then I printed off a bunch of Christmas pictures...

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Homemade Christmas decorations

Every year Christmas seems to sneak up on me. I think I have everything under control that I am on top of the shopping and decorating and travel plans and then I check my calendar and realise it is not in fact still November but December and I am very, very behind. This year I am getting a jump start on the decorating and making some of my own decorations. Here are a few of the simple and easy decorations that I have made and you should be able to make too with just a couple of hours and some simple items.One of the things I like to make every year is a stocking countdown calendar....

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Top christmas lighting decorations and ideas

Every Christmas I go all out on decorations for inside my home. I have the biggest tree and the best stockings. However, this year I realised that in my Christmas frenzy I have neglected my garden.This is why I have decided that my outdoor space deserves the very best outside Christmas lights decorations. I started deciding on the colour scheme of red and white. I bought bunches of red and white twinkling lights and wrapped my porch and gutters with them. I then found some beautiful Moravian Stars in white and h...

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Caring For Your Garden Furniture During The Winter

Garden furniture can be quite expensive, and it would be a waste to see it ruined by the cold winter months. Taking precautions and following the care instructions are key steps to keeping your furniture looking new. If you have a garage or shed, it would be best to store your garden furniture there for the winter months. If this is not possible, consider purchasing a protective canvas made of waterproof material to keep the worst of the weather off. Many pieces of furniture come with detailed care instructions. If you follow these carefully, they will help keep your furniture...

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Where can i buy rock salt?

Rock salt is considered another form of table salt. The main difference between the table brand of salt and rock salt is the size. Rock salt is much bigger in size and weight. Rock salt is actually a very valuable commodity to gardeners and homeowners in the winter months. Rock salt is sprinkled on major roadways during the winter months across the country because it lowers the freezing point of water and makes it much easier for drivers to manoeuvre safely over slippery roads. Rock salt is also great at melting ice build-up on driveways and paths. Every home owner...

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How to keep your Christmas Tree fresh?

Once you have bought your tree and got it home we are sure you want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible.All of our trees are cut as late as possible so you can be assured that our trees are as fresh as they can be. With one of our Christmas trees and our Christmas tree care tips, you can be sure you will have a perfect tree for Christmas.After buying your tree, it should be kept outside in a cool place, preferably standing in water until it is required indoors.

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Why buy a Real Christmas Tree?

All our trees are grown from sustainable crop and sourced from UK Christmas Tree Farms.Fresh Christmas Trees really benefit the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.After Christmas we suggest that you recycle your tree which can be chipped and used in a variety of different projects. Local councils tend to offer this service free of charge.Real Christmas Trees are 100% bio degradable unlike Artificial Trees which are more than likely manufactured overseas creating...

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Be safe when installing your Christmas decorations in your home

When decorating your home for the holidays it is important to always keep safety at the forefront. The holidays are a wonderful time filled with family and friends but no holiday is fun if you are in the hospital with a broken arm. That is why it is wise to never try to do all the decorating by yourself. Always have a second person there to steady a ladder when climbing onto the roof to attach the Christmas lights or when you are on that step stool putting that star on top of the tree.Another important safety tip to remember is to never overload your outlets. With all the Read More

Care for your plants in the winter

With the coming of cold weather, we all wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us come spring. There are several things we can do to keep the plants we cared for over the past year to come up healthy as warm weather approaches. First, start by raking up the leaves around your plants and pulling out the weeds, as this will give you a head start as your plants pop through the dirt come spring. Dig up tender bulbs and store them over the winter. Get rid of dead plants and trim perennials leaving about a one inch stem above ground to prevent rot and to keep away...

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Benefits of Rock Salt in the Winter Time

Rock salt is a great way to thaw ice. It is very beneficial to use on roads in the wintertime. Many roads become very hard to travel in the wintertime making it hard for people to get to where they need to go. Rock salt helps to make roads easier to travel so that people can make it to work during wintertime. Roads and paths become very slick in the wintertime and rock salt is beneficial in making it so that people will not fall down and get hurt. This helps to save on potenti...

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