November 2010

As the temperature drops its time to make sure your water feature is ready for the winter

As the temperature drops its time to make sure your garden water feature is protected from the elements.Ideally all water features need to be drained down and covered with a Frost Protection Cover. We have three sizes, small, medium and large.Small Fountain Cover This will fit fountains and water features with a maximum height of 117cm and maximum diameter of 122cm. Our price £18.99 (This includes Free UK Delivery)Read More

Decoration ideas for Christmas displays

Again a blog post from an avid christmas fan!I am one of those people that really gets into the Christmas spirit. I love the Christmas lights, the baking, the tree trimming and especially the house decorating! This year I have decided to take it to the next level and have come up with the top decorating ideas for your Christmas displays.I already have some pretty extensive decorating going on so I had to be really creative in coming up with new ideas to add to my collection. The first thing that I thoug...

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Avoid Your Pond Freezing Over This Winter

Ponds bring a new dynamic to any piece of property that other landscaping objects and arrangements can't touch. A body of water opens up a landscape in much the same way that softer colours open up a room. Something that can add such beauty also requires a level of responsibility, and one aspect of that responsibility is properly preparing your pond for the colder months so that it doesn't freeze. The first step is to trim back any large plants in the area, and checking to try to remove as much de...

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations for a first Christmas in your new home

This is a guide from one of our employees about their first christmas in a new home...This is the first year that I will have a garden to decorate for Christmas and I am going all out. I am going to do the traditional outdoor Christmas lights strung along the porch and in the trees but I have been researching some other creative ways to decorate outside. I have an outdoor fountain that has a little cement boy on it so I will start by putting a Santa hat on him!I think it will look hilarious and adorable....

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Beautiful Christmas Light Displays

Christmas lights are popular throughout the holiday season because it gives life to our decorations. Tips that should be helpful are knowing what kind of lights you are using and the size of the area to decorate. If you are decorating outside be sure to get the lights that are for outdoor use. Shorter strands are helpful when replacing a strand that has broken. Measure the area to make sure you have enough strands to completely fill the area intended. When decorating inside, make sure that...

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