Decoration ideas for Christmas displays

Again a blog post from an avid christmas fan!

I am one of those people that really gets into the Christmas spirit. I love the Christmas lights, the baking, the tree trimming and especially the house decorating! This year I have decided to take it to the next level and have come up with the top decorating ideas for your Christmas displays.

I already have some pretty extensive decorating going on so I had to be really creative in coming up with new ideas to add to my collection. The first thing that I thought of was my nativity scene and how lovely it would be to feature several nativity scenes from different cultures. I also realised that although I have wreathes in my windows, my curtains were unadorned so I added simple bows done in red to spruce them up a little bit.

I also wanted to make sure I did not forget about the outdoors so I added some lights to my outdoor water fountains and added some giant plastic candy canes to my garden. I also decided to do an outdoor tree in addition to the one inside so I purchased a plastic tree complete with LED christmas lights and will set it up in my garden. I will use red and white lights on it.