Make your own Christmas decorations for kids

Every year the kids get out for half term and I am at a loss for what to do with them. It is too cold for them to spend all day playing outside like they do in the summer, so I am forced to try and come up with fun and creative indoor activities for them to do during the holiday break. This year I planned ahead and came up with some Christmas crafts for them to do and make them feel included in the decorating. The first thing we did was make Christmas tree ornaments. I went to the local craft store and picked up some clay, paint and glitter. Then I printed off a bunch of Christmas pictures from online for inspiration. We put on some Christmas music and let the kids go to town. They made angels, snow flakes, Christmas trees and gingerbread men. When they had their fill we baked them in the oven to harden them and then I let the kids decorate them using the paint and glitter. I attached ribbon to the top of them through a small hole I poked before they were baked and let the kids hang them on the tree. We also strung popcorn together for the tree and made beautiful paper snowflakes to hang all over the house.

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