Caring For Your Garden Furniture During The Winter

Garden furniture can be quite expensive, and it would be a waste to see it ruined by the cold winter months. Taking precautions and following the care instructions are key steps to keeping your furniture looking new. If you have a garage or shed, it would be best to store your garden furniture there for the winter months. If this is not possible, consider purchasing a protective canvas made of waterproof material to keep the worst of the weather off.

Many pieces of furniture come with detailed care instructions. If you follow these carefully, they will help keep your furniture looking new even through the worst of winters. If you want low maintenance furniture, choose powder cast aluminium pieces as they are water and temperature resistant; simply store the fabric materials such as umbrellas or cushions. Wood, on the other hand, takes a bit more work to keep in better shape, such as scrubbing or oiling.

With the right measures, your garden furniture will weather the winter well. Move what you can indoors; provide waterproof covers or temporary shelters for what must stay outdoors. Heed the instructions that come with the pieces carefully to prolong the life of the furniture. Above all, remember that this furniture, like any furnishing, is an investment -- taking care of it simply makes sense.