Where can i buy rock salt?

Rock salt is considered another form of table salt. The main difference between the table brand of salt and rock salt is the size. Rock salt is much bigger in size and weight. Rock salt is actually a very valuable commodity to gardeners and homeowners in the winter months.

Rock salt is sprinkled on major roadways during the winter months across the country because it lowers the freezing point of water and makes it much easier for drivers to manoeuvre safely over slippery roads. Rock salt is also great at melting ice build-up on driveways and paths.

Every home owner should stock up on rock salt during the winter months to be on the safe side. This is a good idea because if a snow emergency strikes the home owner will be prepared.

Another surprising use for rock salt is making ice cream. Do not be alarmed. The rock salt is not added to the ice cream mixture. The rock salt is used to melt the ice that is around the ice cream container. This was the process used to make ice cream for many years before modern technology introduced new freezing methods.

Rock salt is generally found at local grocery stores, supermarkets, and hardware stores. Many gardening centres also carry the product in bulk. Rock salt is available in large bags of about ten pounds and up.