Top christmas lighting decorations and ideas

Every Christmas I go all out on decorations for inside my home. I have the biggest tree and the best stockings. However, this year I realised that in my Christmas frenzy I have neglected my garden.

This is why I have decided that my outdoor space deserves the very best outside Christmas lights decorations. I started deciding on the colour scheme of red and white. I bought bunches of red and white twinkling lights and wrapped my porch and gutters with them. I then found some beautiful Moravian Stars in white and hung those from the tree that overlooked my nativity scene.

I also bought a light up reindeer light display, light up bear and a light up topiary of Santa's sleigh. I also bought some red and white light up stakes that line the walk way up to my house. They are in a ball shape and really let off a lovely light at night. My final purchase was this beautiful 5 foot tall light up snowman. He is a silver colour and has a red scarf and a red trimmed hat to fit in with my theme. He comes wrapped in silver lights and sits in the middle of my topiary scene.