Controlling pests and unwanted pesky critters in your garden

Unfortunately, a large part of caring for our gardens means taking care of pests. Many pests can be very destructive or even fatal towards your plants. There are also pests which we consider to be a menace such as ants, cats, squirrels and moles. No matter which they tend to hinder our overall enjoyment of our gardens.  It is necessary to take the appropriate action as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage that these pests may have caused, or prepare a head of time to prevent any damage being initially done.

Where possible the most economically friendly way of disposing of pests is the natural way or any chemical free agent.  Every pest has a predator of sort. For example there are always smaller insect who have a larger predator to control your pest problems. So a good idea would be to welcome wildlife into your garden help fend off those pesky plant munching insects.  If you do happen to notice any slugs, snails or caterpillars then a good pest control would simply be to remove them and dispose of them in an appropriate manor.

There are several non-chemical methods to reduce or eliminate your pest control problems. Slug pellets that are formulated with non-toxic ingredients that will essentially cause he least harm to other creatures are always a popular option. Traps, sticky traps are a great way to catch the pesky wasps and whiteflies.  They are easy to set up, simply hang them in a greenhouse for example next to the plants which tend to be suspect to pest invasions, such as fruit plants. A strange, yet not new technique to reduce the pest issues are the use of egg shells. It may be new concept for some, basically the scratchy surfaces slow down the slugs and snails. Further methods include Nematodes, pesticides, companion planting and barrier methods which consist of laying horticultural fencing over the crops that are susceptible to pests.

There are further methods to reduce or prevent unwanted pest activity in your garden. By simply adding animal chasers you will be able to alarm unwanted animals from your garden. Bird spikes are a popular option. You have probably frequently seen bird spikes in use around town or city centres above CCTV cameras. What they do is prevent the birds from landing and perching on an area you wish to preserve.  Solar security lights are also a great addition to any garden wishing to reduce unwanted animals from their gardens and provide that little added security to your home. By startling an animal with motion activated lights they will be less likely to stick around. 

All in all there are many options available to help prevent unwanted animals and pests from your garden. It is important to take note of this tip, identify your perpetrators as early as possible and take the appropriate action to prevent any damage to your garden. Once things are in place, sit back and enjoy with the peace of mind that everything is safe. 

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