Resin water features

Synthetic resins are materials with a property of interest that is similar to natural plant resins: they are viscous liquids that are capable of hardening permanently.

So, how does this tie into a water feature. Well this is what is used to create the ever so popular resin water features. This particular type of water feature adds a certain natural look to any garden, however are most suited for traditional themed gardens where they can blend with their natural surroundings.

Resin is a lighter easier to maneuver water feature compared to stainless steel, solid rock or even slate water features. making this a perfect addition to anyones garden who frequently likes a change. Essentially this resin, or pollyresin can be molded to create almost any shape or design. With the durability of the material, detail of the water features is so precise a very realistic water feature can be created such as our most popular resin water feature is the affection fountain or the Medium Granite Three Bowl.

A thing to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a resin water feature or even if you already have one is getting yourself a protective cover. Especially during the cold winter months it is essential that your resin water feature is drained and covered to protect it from these cold winters.