April 2011

Barbequing vs. Grilling

Every year, millions of us cook up a feast on the barbeque. As soon as the sun comes out we immediately dust off the shorts, grab some flip flops and start thinking about having a good old barbeque. With the weather set be lovely all weekend across the UK now would be a perfect time start planning your own.What is the difference between barbequing and grilling? Many of us may believe that they are the same. Well in fact, there is actually a difference. Even though they are very similar there are actually a few differences that distinguish these special cooking techniques.

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Adding a simple Mediterranean feel to your garden with Cretan Pots

There are not many of us that know much about Cretan Pots, where they came from or how they first originated however what we do know is that they look simply beautiful in our gardens. The add a very stylsih and unique focal point to any garden design.So, where do they originally come from?Their heritage dates back to the infamous Greek civilization of the Minoans over 4000 years ago. Traditional techniques are still be used today by the potters from the Thrapasano region of Crete....

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Don't pay through the roof for Organic, Grow Your Own.

Gardeners have a fair old amount of elements to consider when it comes to planting their vegetables. After a long hard and certainly cold winter, where you have had plenty of time to think about what you are wanting to plant this spring, now is the time to start putting those prized plans into action.As we all know, the climate here in the UK is certainly not the same as the south of France. It would be nice, but unfortunately it isn’t.  So we have to take into considerable consideration the variable UK climate when it comes to the right time to start preparing your garde...

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