Solar Water Features, out there to save you money!

We all know that it is possible to dramatically enhance your gardens appearance with the addition of water features. For many people. the thought of adding a fountain or a waterfall to their garden in order to bring tranquillity and mellow ambiance  to their very own garden. However when trying to decide on which feature is more suitable, cost is usually their biggest deterrent in deciding if they should or should not add a water feature. 

As crazy as it sounds, it is possible for you to save money on running a water feature. Solar water features or solar fountains are a great alternative to regular water features that require a connection to a mains outlet. With a solar water feature there is no need for a mains, simply place your feature and enjoy. Besides saving on the cost of electricity the addition of solar powered water features will be environmentally friendly too.

Solar water features, after the initial cost to install, will save you money over the many months to come. That is because these solar features have solar panels installed that draw energy from the sun. You simply place the water feature where you know there is good amount of daylight. The solar panels will then cause the water feature to run like normal. Throughout the day, the solar panels will store energy to be used once the sun has set. Causing your water feature to run long into the night. The best feature is it won’t cost you anything to have beautiful and stress-relieving water features in your garden.

Just making this small difference in choosing solar over electric can go a long way toward an environmentally friendly gesture. This is one small way you can make a difference in both your garden and in wallet! 

UK Water Features stocks a wide range of solar water features including an exceptional range from one of the UK's leading solar water feature manufactures, Smart Solar