Stainless Steel Water Features in Sheffield

Stainless steel spheres can create a remarkable visual spectacle in any given environment whether it be your very own back garden or in a large city in the north of England. 

Millennium Square is situated in Sheffield. Located between two of the city’s most popular public spaces, the Peace Gardens and Winter Garden.

What is Millennium Square?

Millennium Square is part of Sheffield’s Heart of the City project, a scheme that has been synonymous with the City’s economic and cultural rebirth since it began in 1998. 

Why is this relevant to stainless steel spheres? Well it actually contains an amazing feature called ‘Rain’. Rain was created by sculptor Colin Rose. The sculpture features nine large Sheffield stainless steel spheres varying in sizes up to 2m in diameter, which were intended to suggest drops of rain that have just landed on the surface of the square. 

The feature truly is an amazing spectacle at night as the flowing water sparkles through the dozens of various colour changing LED lights that are set in the paving as well as into the rim of the pools under each of the steel ball or ‘raindrops’.

The stainless steel spheres in heart of Sheffield city centre forms the central part of an amazing walk, currently being tagged as the ‘Gold Route’. The route begins by taking visitors from Sheffield Railway Station through a series of beautiful new developments each with their own distinctive lighting, public art and water features.

It is possible to recreate this spectacular design on a smaller scale in your very own back garden. Simply adding stainless steel spheres into your garden design will add an elegant and modern look to your garden. The spheres are a simple yet very effective feature. Water flows from the top of the stainless steel sphere before running down the sides into the sump below. The sphere is lit from the top by six bright white LED lights, creating a stunning effect at both dusk and night. Our 100cm stainless steel sphere and our 50cm stainless steel sphere water feature are still two of out most popular water features. 

There are other stainless steel water features that provide the same visual amazement such as stainless steel polished tubes, blades and pyramids. These all provide a great focal point to your garden as the light reflects off of the LED lit water. We need not to forget the ever so popular stainless steel cascade water features also as these have become more and more popular over the years.