Warmer nights need a little light!


With the nights gradually warming up, we tend to be spending a little longer in our gardens at night. Garden lighting has quickly become prominent in many peoples gardens and is now one of the top selling products in many garden centres accross the UK. With the rapid increase in demand for garden lighting fixtures, there has been a quick increase in the variations and styles that are now available. 

Placement of your lighting fixtures is key. These lights can be placed for security purposes or for their aesthetic purposes. Some garden lights are so easy to install that the owner can actually move and place them several times. 

We now begin to see the season where we sit outside long into the night enjoying the company of friends and family. With the warmer nights keeping us toasty through the night one thing, lighitng on the other hand maybe something worth considering.

Garden lighting does not only provide you with additional lighting at night, they are also great tools for lighting up special features in your garden. Highlighting a water feature, swing set or patio area can be a simple yet very effective upgrade for your garden. Highlighting a stainless steel water feature has the additional benefit from being lit up by a garden light simply because the light will reflect of the flowing water and onto the steel. This provides great visual effects and shadows. 

Outdoor lighting will also help with safety in the garden to not only illuminate pathways but offer security by illuminating darkened corners in the garden. The benefit to these sort of lights is that they actually do not need to be high powered. All you really need is a small amount of light to illuminate that dark corner. 

Solar lighting is a relatively new and very large market. Bringing solar lights in to your garden is a great cost saving home improvment feature. The way these solar garden lights work is by gathering energy from daylight throughout the day and then gradually releasing it once the sun has dropped below the horizon. What this gives you is free lighting. Another great benefit of solar garden lighting is there are no wires and they are really simple to install. Even single light lanterns are beautiful in design and offer the same security as the higher priced ones. LED lights are a favourite in groups of individuals who enjoy saving the planet as well as saving of money. These light only require the sun power them.