Prepare for winter with your winter care pack

Getting ready for winter is not a task most of us relish. After the Christmas season passes and our New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten, we still have to deal with the snow, sleet, and most of all the cold. Sleet and snow can make it difficult for us to get where we need to go. Inadequate maintenance of our driveways, for example can lead to expensive downtime if we injure ourselves.

The best way to avoid injury to ourselves and others is to keep our walkways clear. Providing a winter care package, preparedness kit, or whatever a person would like to call his collection is a good way to make sure we have the items to prevent accidents that bring either pain to us our loved ones, or financial injury to our pocket books.

Preparing a winter care package is relatively easy. Start with the basics snow shovels or a snow blower and rock salt for the home. Pick up an extra shovel to keep in your car for emergencies. Don't forget windshield scrapers and brushes to wipe off the snow or frost on the cold winter mornings. You can even stock up on tea, coffee or hot chocolate to make sure that you have something warm to drink at home after using your winter care package. Just remember to take breaks when shovelling snow.