Fresh Christmas Trees, why have a fresh tree against an artificial?

The debate over artificial and fresh Christmas trees continues. In some parts of the Christmas-celebrating English-speaking world the debate uses the same arguments, but different words. Americans are likely to refer to the type of tree a consumer needs to buy from a roadside stand as a real Christmas trees.

Fresh Christmas trees usually come from farms who plant so many trees each year and cut the trees down after they reach a certain height to meet the demand. Such trees are easily biodegradable, burnable at the end of the season, and also have a scent some people find pleasant.

The downside comes when a person with allergies must spend the time in the presence of the tree for months on end.

Artificial Christmas trees are made out of plastics, which consume fossil fuels, and require more effort to take up and put down. Although the materials are not environmentally friendly, the trees are reusable and can be stored easily until a person needs them again. In the long run, these trees save energy because a person does not need to buy them again year after year. Allergy problems, unless a person is allergic to plastic, are also avoided.

The major reason to have a fresh tree is that for many people it provides a more Christmas-like atmosphere.