Planning Your Garden for 2011

Right now is an excellent time for planning the garden for a new season. While the days are shorter and the weather is cold and wintry, those who love to garden can be doing some dreaming about next year, and getting ideas for items they wish to add. Perhaps a lovely water feature could be chosen and some further landscaping to make the outdoor space more inviting, but it is important to think ahead and plan for spring.

Garden water features vary in design style and function. There could be a small fountain or a pond, but should it be naturalistic or art deco? For the private residence or business, a bit of water gurgling and overflowing into a small pool is so refreshing on those warm spring and summer days. A few well chosen rocks or a rock wall retaining the pool might be desired.

Of course, it is wise to take time when planning a water feature because there are several things to consider like how much space in the yard should be devoted, or just how the pond should lie. Maybe a narrow, disappearing stream would be better than a contained pool. The drainage could be an issue. There are professionals available for advice. Still, fountains and ponds can be inexpensive and yet fabulous additions to gardens.