Hop on board our social media bandwagon


Over the  past six months we have had an amazing amount of success with out online social media efforts. You can now find UK Water Features on Facebook, Twitter and the all new Google +1. First and forth most, thank you to everyone who is currently on board and has joined our social media circles. We love hearing from you all!

If you are new to social media or are unaware of Facebook or Twitter, there is no need to worry. Social media in simple terms is a place where people with common interests come together to discuss their interests and ideas. In our case we have several 'social networks' Facebook and Twitter for example where people come to talk about water features, garden accessories, share photos and general gardening tips, ticks and design ideas. If you need any help finding us on any of our social networks then please feel free to email us and we will be happy to help.

Our official Facebook page is a fantastic opportunity to join over 1900 fellow garden and water feature enthusiasts to discuss your gardening ideas, designs. photos and general chit-chat. Not only do is this a fantastic page that brings such a large amount of people together to discuss their interests. Our 'fans' will receive access to exclusive content, vouchers, and most importantly our competitions. We love hearing from everyone, and our Facebook page is constantly up to date with all the latest information. Being a 'fan' of our page also gives you all the big news first, so if we have a new product that we think you guys will like then guess what? You will be the first to hear about it. This month is an amazing month to join our page if you have not already joined our online community. We are currently running an amazing competition on our official Facebook page. Simple click here to enter. We decided to change things up a little this time, and are now awarding not one, not two but three lucky winners with a beautiful water feature for you to display in your garden. The top prize this month is the Greek Jugs and Jar water feature, a real lovely feature that will look great in any garden.

Our Twitter page is very similar to our Facebook one, however sometimes we run different competitions that are exclusive to our 'followers'. Come join our 1500 strong, garden loving followers  and discuss your gardening ideas, share your gardening tips and tricks or just feel free to follow us for some interesting conversations with all of our loyal 'followers'.